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Vice Mayor of Changsha Municipal People's Government and Secretary of Ningxiang County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China

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2015 4Month15On the same day, he Jihua, vice mayor of Changsha Municipal people's Government, Tan Xiaoping, secretary of Ningxiang County CPC Committee, and Zhou Hui, head of Ningxiang County people's Government, and his entourage came to Shenzhen for a two-day inspection and exchange. Shenzhen Ningxiang Chamber of Commerce President Hu Jingtian, founding President Jiang Dengke and other heads of the Chamber of Commerce accompanied.

Mayor He expressed his gratitude to the association for its warm reception, and at the same time cordially expressed his condolences to the people in Shenning Township, and briefly introduced the inspection and exchanges of this trip. He said that Shenzhen, as a testing ground for reform and opening up, has achieved remarkable results. As a rising city in central China, Ningxiang should be in line with Shenzhen, clarify ideas in terms of development mode, development ability, development concept, development stage, development power, development space, etc., learn from each other's strengths, and learn from each other scientifically. Adhere to the guidance of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics; always adhere to emancipating the mind, dare to think, dare to try, and dare to be the first in the world; always adhere to the promotion of scientific development, reform and opening up, and independent innovation; always adhere to advanced thinking and long-term planning; always adhere"Two hands, two hands hard"Maintain social harmony and stability; always insist on strengthening and improving party building to provide a strong guarantee for the development of various undertakings.