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Warmly Celebrate the Establishment of Chuanglixin (Hong Kong) International Limited

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In the past 10 years, Shenzhen Chuanglixin Electronics Co., Ltd. has worked hard, actively forge ahead and continuously innovated through all employees. The strong support and care of all new and old customers; Collective cooperation of suppliers and partners; On June 21, 2017, the company ushered in by going up one tall building and Chuanglixin (HK) International Co., Ltd. was formally established. The establishment of an international company will make our scope of operation wider and wider, and the company will be more prosperous! I would like to thank all the staff, thank you all the way, we will, as always, put the product quality in the first position, fully cooperate with customers, so that the quality is guaranteed, the service is in place, there are new products every year, and the price is favorable! Do not forget your initiative mind continues to move forward!!!!