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Company Profile

imgShenzhen Chuanglixin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a private-owned private enterprise specializing in the production of LCD display, LED backlight, LCM LCD module and OLED display.Since its establishment, the company has made full use of its own resource advantages and worked hard to learn and absorb international advanced technology and management experience. Has rapidly developed into a set of LCD, LED, LCM, intelligent terminal research and development, design, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. Products have been widely used in access control attendance, communications, medical care, household appliances, industrial control, electric power, car, electronic toys and other fields. Through cooperation with Foxconn, Huawei and other well-known enterprises, the products sell well in Europe, America, Central Asia, Africa and other parts of the world. Leading partners in various industries include: Weisheng International, Sannuo Group, Samsung Electronics, 36 China Electronics, 712, Zhengtong Electronics, Aipin Sheng, Lide Group, Huali Instrument, Jingbai Medical, Kangwang Group, and Yidan Technology.......

Company's main products:
LCD Products:TN HTN STN FSTN VA, and provide services such as PIN, HSC, ink printing
LED products:LED bottom backlight, LED side backlight, CCFL backlight and color screen dedicated backlight
LCM Products: pen-type module, character dot matrix module, graphics dot matrix module, TFT color display module
Smart Products:Access control attendance machine, telephone, electronic calculator, game machine, audio, temperature and humidity tester, mobile phone charger, car navigation, etc.

The company insists on implementing"Quality first, realistic innovation, mutual benefit and win-win"The policy, with good technology, excellent quality, honest service to meet the various needs of customers. The company has passed ISO9001,ROHS and other series of quality management systems and environmental certification. We will provide our customers with high-quality, superior performance-price ratio products with comprehensive services, and work with you to create a better future on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win!


Keywords: electronic backlight LCD LCD display LED backlight LCM liquid crystal display module OLED display TFT color screen

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